Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's

Yes, all Silver Jewellery Ireland jewellery is made of solid silver. It is all stamped "925" which indicates the sterling silver quality of 92.5% solid silver.
I sell my jewellery at various locations and venues. You can always find out where I'm selling next on my homepage or by Liking Silver Jewellery Ireland on Facebook.

You can also buy our silver jewellery online with free delivery in Ireland at

You can find your ring size by following the steps on my on-line shop at
Yes, if your jewellery if faulty return it to Silver Jewellery Ireland for a replacement or refund.
Yes, all our silver jewellery is made of solid, sterling silver and is nickel-free to ensure that the jewellery does not iritate the skin.
Yes, if you are unhappy with your jewellery and it hasn't been worn, it can be exchanged. For hygiene reasons earrings cannot be exchanged or returned.
Yes, you can purchase Silver Jewellery Ireland vouchers at any value. Please contact Vicky to purchase.
There is no set limit, the more the merrier. The more they spend, the more commission the host will earn. Always over-invite to allow for perople dropping out.
Here are some tips from our experts to help keep your beautiful silver jewellery looking as good as new!
  • Using a silver polishing cloth can remove light tarnish easily from your silver jewellery. To remove heavier oxidation, rub your jewellery with a moistened corner of the cloth, then polish with a dry part of the cloth.
  • To keep your silver jewellery bright and sparkling, always remove it before exercising, swimming or doing household chores, etc.
  • Chemicals, perfume, hairspray, sea salt and even hard water can leave a film on your jewellery that will leave it dull and looking less shiny.
  • Silver will eventually tarnish or discolour it left out in the open.
  • Leaving your jewellery jumbled up with lots of other pieces in a box or a drawer can cause scratches and breakages and it should ideally be stored away from strong light, moisture and dust.
  • Silver will eventually tarnish or discolour it left out in the open.
  • Gem stones are natural stones and although they have a timeless resilience, some are delicate and can fracture easily- treat them with care.
Yes, the jewellery can be presented in a beautiful bag or a gift box. The choice is yours.

If you have any question about the jewellery, where to buy or wish to arrange a jewellery party, please contact me by phone or email.